The best time for sailing is late spring and early autumn when temperatures are mild, the sea is calm and the winds are more favorable.
Before unfolding the sails it is advisable to know which winds can await you in the open sea.


Lastovo – NM 91

Lastovo is a southern Dalmatian island in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. Administratively it belongs to the homonymous municipality in the Ragusa-Narentana region.

san maria di leuca

S. Maria di Leuca – NM 121

Santa Maria di Leuca is one of the beautiful pearls of the Mediterranean, a tip located at the far end of Italy where the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea meet.


Brindisi – NM 74

Brindisi is one of the most populous centers of Salento, in Puglia, the city plays an important commercial and cultural role.


Valona – NM 144

Valona is a town of about 190,000 inhabitants in southern Albania, the capital of the prefecture of the same name. It stands on the south-eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and overlooks the Otranto canal with a large bay.


Hvar – NM 116

The city of Hvar is the best known and most popular resort on the island of Hvar for the beauty of its sea, the historical and cultural wealth, but above all for the sparkle of its nightlife, beach parties, trendy clubs, glamorous restaurants that each year attract celebrities, actors, singers and celebrities of all caliber.


Dubrovnik – NM 110

Dubrovnik is a city of 42 641 inhabitants in southern Croatia, the capital of the Ragusa-Narentan region and overlooking the Adriatic Sea, in southern Dalmatia.


Budva – NM 122

Budva is located in an area with high tourist density, called the Budva Riviera, the town is also rich in memories of its long history.


Mattinata – NM 34

Mattinata is an Italian town of 6,285 inhabitants in the province of Foggia in Puglia. Located on the southern coast of the Gargano promontory, it overlooks the Gulf of Manfredonia.


Corfù – NM 179

Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, located in front of the coasts of Epirus, on the border between Greece and Albania.

bocche di cattaro

Bocche di Cattaro – NM 122

The Boka Kotorska is a series of coves on the southern Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro, consisting of wide connected valleys that insert deeply into the hinterland like fjords. They are named after the city of Kotor, Kotor in the Montenegrin variant of the Serbian language.


Bar – NM 128

The city of Bar is located between the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar, at the foot of Mount Rumija: a city with long beaches, a subtropical climate and 270 days of sunshine a year.

isole tremiti

Isole Tremiti – NM 69

The Trèmiti islands are an archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, 22 km north of the Gargano promontory and 45 km east of Termoli.


Vieste – NM 41

Vieste is an Italian town of 13 915 inhabitants in the province of Foggia, in Puglia. Seaside resort, for the quality of its bathing waters it has been repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education, is part of the Gargano National Park.

san foca

San Foca – NM 103

San Foca is a coastal town of Salento with 374 inhabitants, part of the marina of Melendugno, of which it is a fraction, in the province of Lecce.

polignano a mare

Polignano – NM 35

Polignano a Mare is an Italian town of 17 982 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Bari in Puglia. The oldest part of the town stands on a rocky spur overlooking the Adriatic Sea 33 kilometers south of the capital.

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