Vieste - NM 41

It is the easternmost town on the Gargano promontory and in the province of Foggia. The particular urban dislocation of Vieste is linked to the karst nature of the Garganico Promontory, characterized by rocky layers often eroded by the marine action. three bays separated by two points:

  • Punta di San Francesco, facing east, steep, raised and harshly rocky: this is where the medieval center is found, since this part of the peninsula offered the best safety requirements. In this part, full of alleys, stairways and arches, you can find most of the most prestigious historical buildings (Church of San Francesco, cathedral).
  • Punta di Santa Croce, facing north, lower. In this relatively flat area, the municipality only began to expand towards the nineteenth century. The formation of new neighborhoods subsequently led the life of the village (new town hall, municipal park, church of Santa Croce, etc.) to gravitate more and more towards this part. It is from this part that the port of Vieste is found, still important today for fishing activities and for maritime traffic to the Tremiti Islands, Croatia and to Manfredonia from which it is 50 km away.

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